Say Goodbye to “eDiscovery is Complicated”

We work with leading eDiscovery software providers to automate setup, configuration, exception handling, and data loading operations.

Users select from a variety of pre-built templates to drive the technical and operational work required for messy eDiscovery ECA, processing and hosting.

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Template Based Automation

Combine all eDiscovery steps including workspace configurations, security, data upload, batching (amongst many others), into a single template, eliminating repetitive, manual, and error-prone steps:

  • Configure matter-specific templates for DOJ, SEC, and internal investigations
  • Easily reuse templates across matters 
  • Separate templates for workflow and other configurations
  • Retain the flexibility to intervene and change settings retrospectively  

Automated Workflow

Templates trigger intelligent automation, running each batch of evidence through a consistent process through to production:

  • Complete streamlining of EDRM with unparalleled visibility
  • One-click automation from pre-collection to review
  • Automated quality assurance checks, restarts, and exception handling
  • Reduction in manual task handling by more than 70%

Easy Integrations

Automate integrates with trusted eDiscovery applications, driving efficiency across workflows:

  • Connect API to leading third-party platforms
  • Use case type-specific templates 
  • Eliminate errors due to manual and stage-wise task handling
  • Get insights at every level and every stage of eDiscovery across cases

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