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ServiceBridge extends a corporation’s use of Navigator to third-party partners. 

Provide seamless integration between the corporate hold/preserve/collection process and partners for the heavy lifts of processing, review, hosting, and productions.

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Unparalleled eDiscovery Connectivity

Simplify the project handover process with a secure connection between on-premises applications and service partner’s cloud-based eDiscovery applications. Use ServiceBridge to manage and track your eDiscovery and litigation portfolio in real-time, from anywhere.

  • Manage your projects internally or with service partner
  • Seamlessly switch between in-house and outsourced eDiscovery
  • Securely transfer data between corporations and service partners 

Always Available eDiscovery

Collect data on-prem and seamlessly share with your service partner's data center:

  • Define tasks to be fulfilled in-house and to be outsourced
  • Scale-up quickly to any eDiscovery projects 
  • Avoid all upfront eDiscovery infrastructure and software costs

For Service Providers: Managed eDiscovery

For the client that likes to "do it themselves" provide your clients self-serve case management, hold, preservation, and collection services. Move the collected ESI to your hosted environment for ECA, processing, and collection as an integrated service:

  • Deliver end-to-end eDiscovery as a managed service to corporate clients
  • Support legal departments that in-source legal data management and eDiscovery
  • Create new business opportunities with increased efficiency
  • Respond to clients' unique needs with unparalleled flexibility

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