Legal Hold Elevated: Combine Holds and Preservations

One-click automation of all your case analysis, custodian legal holds, acknowledgements, data preservations and management.

Tied into global and case-specific reporting dashboards.

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Empowered Legal Holds

Get powerful legal hold features at your fingertips, while integrating with case management tools and ESI forensics:

  • Send legal holds, notifications and  questionnaires
  • Track acknowledgments, escalations, and enforcements in real-time
  • Leverage and reuse customizable templates with multi-lingual support 
  • Revoke legal holds, conduct custodian interviews, and run preservations
  • Effortlessly set up reminders and escalations

Custodian Management

Engage all stakeholders connected with legal holds and customize user access:

  • Effortlessly share updates with stakeholders across internal departments
  • Include legal hold notices in stealth mode for sensitive investigations
  • Manage non-custodial legal holds 
  • Include custodian interviews and store disclosed documents

In-place Preservations

Automate in-place preservations and suspend record retention policies directly, all with a single click:

  • Preserve and hold custodian data with in-place holds
  • Confirm successful data preservations with real-time data integrity checks 
  • Integrate more than 42 types of enterprise and cloud data sources
  • Handle sensitive investigations through controlled communication

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